• Hi Entrepreneurs,

    You supposed still remember this sentence, because I’ve just shared this last week… The main task of a Business Owner is to build a SuperTEAM.

    The question is how to make every Team Member in your business can continuously work optimally and keep their spirit high while working in your business?

    The anser is of course it won’t be easy, and there won’t be only one answer.

    Practical Business Tips from Coach Yohanes is we have to do KPIM and IPA, so we have to fulfill and implemented what I called as PDP (performance & Development Plan) for every team member in our business.

    As it’s name, these tools is a practical way on how we can discuss about the performance of particular Team Member in certain periods of time, and what is the development plan that want to achieved by that team member.

    So, every Team Member choosen in our business knows that Management listen to their voice, in order for us to have the right people, in the right place, and the right time.

    And everyone happy, FUN, effective, productive…to achieve one goal in your business! 🙂

    It’s been 1 year gone by…if you still haven’t got a result like you want, until when you want to wait

    Take ACTION now! Because only ACTION brings you closer to your DREAM! 🙂


    Business is FUN!™
    Keep the PASSION real!™

    With GRATitude regards,
    Coach Yohanes G. Pauly
    World’s Top Certified Business Coach
    Founder, CEO & Master Coach
    GRATYO World’s Leading Practical Business Coaching

    tel: +62 21 4587 1017
    fax: +62 21 4587 1018
    sms info center: +62 812 8010 8823
    Email info center: info@gratyo.com

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