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Top 10 Practical Steps to Have Great Business Coaching and Mentoring for Entrepreneur in Indonesia and the World

Top 10 practical steps to have great business coaching and mentoring for entrepreneur in Indonesia and the world which will help you to develop a successful business that is profitable and AUTO-PILOT are critically important for every entrepreneurs or business owners. It is certain that every entrepreneur do not want their life to be sucked into their business completely which will resulted that they can’t have their personal life, or even worse, causing their family life to be ruined because of their business. That is why a helped from a great business coach or mentor will give significant result and difference in balancing their business and personal life. Follow these 10 practical steps in finding a great business coach or mentor for entrepreneurs, and it will change your business and life:

Check Your Chemistry
Do your own little survey by knowing their profile in person. Simply by attending their seminar, but remember to avoid the one which are short and only a preview, but go to their full seminar. Then, you will know whether you connected or not.

Walk the Talk or Talk the Talk?
Choose a Master Coach who teach people to build profitable and AUTO-PILOT business and check is he/she walk the talk or not? If the Master Coach still coaching the client by themselves, then he/she doesn’t have an AUTO-PILOT business. As an entrepreneur, you would like to learn from a Business Coach or Mentor who also succeeds in building a profitable and AUTO-PILOT business, those who walk the talk wouldn’t you?

What Are They Made Of?
Learn and understand thoroughly their profile. The Master Coach profile is very important. Point out whether they have a high fighting spirit or not in this school of life, like breakthrough poverty to success, have experience working in multi-national company to be able to see full fledge of successful business from the inside. In fact, some of Coaches even have no background at all on successful multi-national company, can you imagine that?

High Caliber Business Coach
It means that those business coach or mentor must be certified! Since business coaching and mentoring are now days even grow bigger and faster if we compare to business consultant, many people just easily changed their name card to be business coach! Therefore, you must find business coach who is proven and highly certified. And it is also important that the certification comes from an international/global institution like ICF (International Coaching Federation). The ICF Credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching certification. With an ICF Credential, coaches demonstrate their knowledge, skill, and commitment to high ethical and professional standards. Of course you want to be help with someone who have an international standard right?

World Class Business Coaching Firm!
A great Coaching or Mentoring Firm must be supported by an international/ global institution, like ICF which have more than 20,000 coaches in more than 109 countries around the world. ICF is the only biggest coaching organization on earth!

Achievements to Take You to Success
You have to ask do they have successful achievement or just average Business Coach without any achievement? This become extremely important because you want to be sure that as entrepreneurs or business owner that you are in the right hand, instead of becoming a ‘guinea pig’ for those who just claimed that they are a business coach.

Success Is In the HOW, not WHAT
Making things looks good on a presentation is a good thing, but what makes them GREAT are on HOW those things execute perfectly with a practical and fun way. Make sure that the business coach has the capability to help you comes up with a good ideas and make those ideas happens with an excellent execution and result.

Practical & Proven Framework
Check whether their framework is proven to be effective in building successful like 4 Fundamental Pillars to Build Profitable & AUTO-PILOT business. That framework must be build based on enormous cumulative years of coaching many entrepreneurs and business owners from big to medium to small businesses. And by the way, do they register their framework as their Intellectual Property in The Department of Justice?

Generalist VS Specialist
In order to be able to help your unique business nature (all business are unique right?), find a business coach who can help you in many aspects of your business. Do not find a Coach who are only specialized in one dimension of your business, or only specialized on certain type of business only. How can you see this? Look for Business Coaching or Mentoring Firm which has been coached and mentored many entrepreneurs and business owners from many industries, with many comprehensive dimension of their business.

You must check not only from the flight hours in doing coaching or mentoring, but also from cumulative experiences that the Coaches get from helping many entrepreneurs and business owners. You may focus more on how many clients that has been handled, not on how many years the Coach has been a Coach J

It’s a wrap, top 10 practical steps to have great business coaching and mentoring for entrepreneur in Indonesia and the world as your guidance in having your own GREAT business coach or mentor! Hope you will find your suitable business coach or mentor which will work beyond the ordinary business consultant.

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