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GRATYO® Business Consultation

Anda Seorang Pemilik Bisnis & Mengalami Hal di Bawah ini…

  • Sudah keluarkan banyak uang untuk marketing tapi tidak menghasilkan apa-apa?
  • Ingin gunakan strategi digital marketing tapi Anda “buta” dunia digital?
  • Produk atau jasa yang Anda jual bagus tapi calon customer belinya malah di kompetitor?
  • Anda bekerja seperti 36 jam sehari karena sistem Bisnis tidak berjalan?
  • Keuangan Bisnis tidak sehat dan sering “bocor” tidak jelas uang kemana?
  • Sering “makan hati” karena karyawan bekerja selalu dibawah harapan?

Already know that the business condition is not healthy, why not treat it immediately then?

How long you want to procrastinate it, don’t wait until it turns out that you are too late to save your business?

GRATYO® Business Consultation

More than just a business consultant, you can consult business health privately at GRATYO® Business Consultation and understand what is hindering the health of your business so that it cannot be profitable and AUTO-PILOT.

  • It’s not just like meeting a business consultant, but you can specifically discuss the business challenges you face
  • Provide practical and fast SOLUTIONS to solve problems in your business
  • Provide STRATEGIES to get through various situations in Business
  • Equalizing the VISION & MISSION of all Business Owners to be solid in solving problems
  • More than a business consultant, opening up all BLIND SPOTS unknown to the Business Owner that you can’t get anywhere else
  • It has been proven SUCCESSFUL helping hundreds of Business Owners and making their Business Profitable and AUTO-PILOT

GRATYO® Practical Business Coaching

GRATYO® Practical Business Coaching
  • Proven Result: Increase Company Turnover and Profit between 100% -1,000% in just 6-12 months
  • Proven Achievement: Rated No. 1 of The Best Business Coaching Company in the World in the Top 100 Business Coaching Companies in the World
  • Proven Programs & Coaches: Proven Programs & Coaches: Led by Coach Yohanes G. Pauly who is certified by the largest coach organization in the world, the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Get Practical Strategies to Build a Profitable & AUTO-PILOT Business from Business Coach No. 1 at World Level

Coach Yohanes G. Pauly

Founder, CEO & Master Coach of GRATYO®

Entrepreneur & Global Awards Winning Business Coach

  • Reached the No. 1 Best Business Coach in the Top 100 Business Coach in the World
  • Won the Guinness World Record™ for The Largest Practical Business Seminar
  • Author of Best Seller Book, Business is FUN!™, and Always be in the Top 10 Best Selling Books
  • Founder of GRATYO® who entered the Top 10 Business Coaching Company in The World
  • Owner of FREXOR® World Class Business Automation Software Company
  • Owner of other businesses at GRATYO 360o Companies
  • Investors in several Digital Start-Ups

GRATYO® Certified Business Coach

  • Business Owners whose Businesses are Profitable & AUTO-PILOT and still have the heart to help other Business Owners
  • COOs/CMOs/CFOs, Vice Presidents, Country Directors, etc. of large Multi-National Companies and National Companies who have experience in raising large companies
  • Experienced in business coaching and proven to provide tangible results for clients from various businesses in various fields

SPECIALS for You GRATYO® Business Consultation!

Limited & Exclusive! [can be online by ZOOM or offline]

Still in doubt?

  • I have a lot of problems in Business, can I solve the problems in my Business by joining GRATYO® Business Consultation?

    Together with GRATYO® Certified Business Coach, you will be guided and coached to be able to explore and find out what the root problems in Business are, so that afterward you can determine what steps to take in the future in your Business.

  • Can I choose with which Coach I want to do Business Consultation Online?

    GRATYO® with a very practical method will determine the most suitable Certified Business Coach for your Business so that you can find blind spots in your Business that you have not seen or are not aware of in Business.

  • It is expensive, isn’t it? Can the investment be lowered?

    Which one will be more expensive How rather than for you not to take part in GRATYO® Business Consultation and every day you have to deal with the same problem because you don’t know how to get your business back to become healthy? Even over time, the disease in your business becomes more chronic and It can make your business bankrupt?

Those Who Take The Coaching Courses At Gratyo® Said

Ignatius Zaldy

Owner of a premium catering service provider in Indonesia

“In the past, even though I had many employees, I was still tired because everything had to be me, so I was like an employee assistant. After having a Coach, within 8 months, I went to the office once a week, just 3 hours. Moreover, my businesses can open branches in other cities.”

Fardy Elvianto & Silvie Hendrawaty

Owner of a well-known children’s clothing brand in Indonesia

“Initially, even though we had employees, everything was self-contained and had no direction, the profit was not visible. After being assisted by the Coach at GRATYO®, our team became so solid, the turnover immediately increased 200% in the 4th month, and I could enjoy time freedom because the business could be left behind.”

Mellysa Oktavi

Owner of one of the leading baby equipment brands in Indonesia

“The first time we started our business, we worked almost 24 hours, but since having a Coach at GRATYO®, turnover has increased by 300%. Business can be more profitable and it can run alone, my husband and I can tour on many places!”

Reno Lohy

Owner of a well-known fashion distro in Indonesia

“In the past, I had to work Monday to Sunday. 7 days a week! After I was coaching my turnover increased to 200% in just 14 months! What’s even more fun is that now I have the freedom of time so that I can travel abroad, enjoy life with my family.”

Siti Sahlani

Owner of a well-known organic dry baby food in Indonesia

“Before the coaching, when I was sucked in by the business, even when I got home, I still had to continue the second shift until my dear child complained. After I was coached, I was able to come to the office for only half a day and my turnover continued to increase by 30% in just 8 months. I can even open new branch offices and develop new business units.”

Jongky Mulia Sidharta

Owner of one of the largest cooking oil purifier manufacturing companies in Indonesia

“Previously, I worked like a headless chicken! The turnover was not maximal and even lost! But 3 months after coaching at GRATYO®, my turnover increased 200%, I have SUPER TEAM, the system is running well, and now my life is more relaxed.”


Unlike a business consultant, GRATYO® Business Consultation Program is a one-time session for at least 3 hours to thoroughly discuss problems that exist in your business with the High Calibre GRATYO® Certified Business Coach.

  • Get Private & Confidential Consulting for Your Business
  • Coaching via ZOOM (Online Video) Live for 3-4 Hours
  • Consult your business with business partners

SPECIALS for You GRATYO® Business Consultation!

Limited & Exclusive! [can be online by ZOOM or offline]

The future of your business is in your hands! Don’t wait too long or you will regret!

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