• GRATYO Practical Business Coaching

GRATYO® Practical Business Coaching

GRATYO® is a World Class Practical Business Coaching led by Coach Yohanes G. Pauly. As Founder, CEO & Master Coach, and known as Global Awards Winning Business Coach, Coach Yohanes G. Pauly and GRATYO® want to help Entrepreneurs and Professionals build Profitable & AUTO-PILOT businesses.


Has been known Prestigiously at the World Level

GRATYO® has been known for its Prestigious at the World Level, achieving Rank No. 1 Best Business Coaching Company in the world

Proven Results

GRATYO® believes its program provides tangible results, so it guarantees those who join the program

Practical & Proven Framework

GRATYO® has a very practical and proven successful framework, with 4 Table Legs to Build a Profitable & AUTO-PILOT Business


To Give Back & reflect Positive Significant LIGHT to the World

Destined to brought positive and significant impact in the lives of others, by being The Lighthouses that guides and enlightens Business Owners and their teams (and indirectly for their families) in navigating their sea of ​​business (and most importantly their lives), anchoring 1,000 lighthouses on every major city in Indonesia, and the world.

And to build the BusinessVersity of the world, the center of practical business learning for Business Owners and those who want to become Business Owners.


To Live WOW & Deliver WOW

We want to live our lives to the fullest, to open our eyes to be whatever we want to be, to walk paths no one else has taken, to meet foreign faces, to feel the wind and touch the stars.



Grateful, Lean on God & Gift Giving

Grateful, Lean on God & Gift Giving

I really thank God for what I have, and what I don’t have.

Respect Myself & Respect Others

Respect Myself & Respect Others

I really appreciate myself because God made me so special.

Accountable & Abundance

Accountable & Abundance

I always keep my integrity & do what it says.

Teamwork & Trust

Teamwork & Trust

I believe we are a team and a family. That’s why we called ourselves the Family Team.

Yeahhh... Celebrate FUN & A Little Weirdness!

Yeahhh… Celebrate FUN & A Little Weirdness!

I found fun and humor in my daily work.

Outstanding, but Be Humble

Outstanding, but Be Humble

I have to do something to surpass beyond what’s expected. I believe that good is the enemy of great.

Service Action & Speedy Response

Service Action & Speedy Response

I always serve others with all my heart, it does not matter whether my leader knows it or not, because I know that God sees how I work.

GRATYO® is a business coaching company founded by Coach Yohanes G. Pauly. GRATYO® is a business coaching company that is recognized and prestigious at the world level.

GRATYO® made it to the No. 1 of The Worldwide Best Business Coaching Company from the Top 10 Business Coaching Firms in the World, a prestigious list containing the 10 best Business Coaching Firms in the world based on parameters set by one of the business coaching firms in the world.

GRATYO® was also nominated as Indonesia Consulting Company of the Year in the Best Practices Awards Program by Frost & Sullivan, a business consulting firm in the world.

Coach Yohanes G. Pauly and his SuperTEAM at GRATYO® break the Guinness World Records for The Largest Practical Business Seminar in the World at the Indonesia Entrepreneurs Conference regarding the strict conditions.

The Guinness World Record that was successfully broken by GRATYO® is an indication that GRATYO® is a world-class Business Coaching company that has high discipline and becomes favorite among entrepreneurs.

GRATYO® has world-class Certified Business Coach that will help entrepreneurs. GRATYO® Certified Business Coach must go through a strict selection process, high standards and must pass certification as a Business Coach.

Certified Business Coach will help entrepreneurs develop businesses with various indications of problems so that the business can be Profitable and AUTO-PILOT.

Certified Business Coach will position itself outside the business so that they can spot weaknesses and mistakes that entrepreneurs are not aware of and will then provide advice and input from the blind spot.

Most of entrepreneurs cannot develop their business because they get input and feedback that is not honestly uttered. However, a Business Coach will be honestly telling the blind spot so that entrepreneurs aren’t fooled by sugar coated feedback.

GRATYO® regularly holds seminars such as GRATYO® Entrepreneurs Gathering, GRATYO® Business Workshop and the Indonesia Entrepreneurs Conference which are attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia.

GRATYO® Entrepreneurs Gathering and GRATYO® Business Workshop Online as business seminars which are held offline & online destined to help Business Owners and their teams to build Profitable and AUTO-PILOT businesses.

This business seminar is held by GRATYO® in various cities such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, Medan, Batam, Bandung, Semarang, Denpasar, Makassar and other cities.

This business seminar attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over Indonesia.

The number of participants in GRATYO® Entrepreneurs Gathering and GRATYO® Business Workshop Online is attended by more than 100,000 entrepreneurs and this number continues to grow every month.

Clients at GRATYO® range from people who want to start a business, entrepreneurs with small businesses or very small turnover to entrepreneurs with large turnover.

Starting from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Government (B2G), and Business to Customer (B2C) businesses, they have benefited from business coaching with GRATYO®.